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Acrylic painting Bearly making it (after Kahlo) by Darcy Martel

Bearly making it (after Kahlo)

Acrylic on Canvas - 2007- I was embracing my Latina roots and Frida Kahlo's art was always around when I was a child. At the time my Grandparents and Aunt (a visual artist and ceramicist) came to visit me from South America. I was looking at a lot of old photos I asked my Nana to bring with her. I featured my Grandparents wedding cake, my Great-Grandparents, the North Vancouver Mountains, I'd been looking at the grizzly bears at Grouse Mountain that Summer. Also I have had a lot of chronic pain as my spine is damaged from being in a few car accidents my self. So I have a lot to relate to with Kahlo.